If you’re looking to have high-risk and or high-profile clients closely monitored and protected, nsa security have you covered.

We provide tailored bodyguarding services for our clients, regardless of the need or industry, to minimise exposure to harm, regardless of what their daily activities might involve.

Our close personal protection services

All personnel are professional, qualified and appropriately trained to provide the best possible protection against threats.

We provide protection for public figures such as:

  • Business people
  • Celebrities
  • Diplomats and politicians
  • Media protection in hostile environments
  • Music and television personalities
  • Sports and media personalities

Manage threats before they happen

Prevention should be considered the most important aspect of bodyguarding, so with this in mind nsa security place great emphasis on risk assessment and preventative measures.

To enable this, we take into consideration a wide variety of variables and apply rigorous risk management procedures to ensure the unique needs of our clients are always met.

Although we provide significant training to our staff to ensure they’re able to handle any situation with ease, we believe that risks should always be managed before they ever pose a threat.

The right approach to your protection

We pride ourselves on our calm, measured approach to any kind of vulnerable situation.

Good bodyguarding should never come at the cost of discretion, so the team at NSA provide all of our expertise without interfering with the day-to-day  – at the end of the day, we provide ourselves on delivering exceptional security services without any sense of aggression.

We think it’s important that good bodyguard services don’t come at the cost of impeding your daily activities, so we work to ensure that we’re only there when you need us.

Looking for bodyguard services in Melbourne?

If you require a bodyguard, or if you manage a client who may need protection, get in touch with nsa security today. We can work with you to establish and meet your needs as required to give you the peace of mind that excellent bodyguards should always provide.

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