Security Guarding

At NSA Security, we believe that creating and maintaining a safe working environment should always be a workplace priority, regardless of the industry. We also believe that focusing on the specific needs of our clients is the best way to achieve this, which is why our team of highly-trained and professional security guards are so valuable.

Our security guarding services cover every aspect of security protection, from the initial security consultation and assessment to the implementation of a workable, flexible, and affordable protective security solution.

Our security guards are invaluable in a wide variety of industries, where they and provide tailored measures and responses depending entirely on your specific needs.

Our security guarding expertise

No matter your needs, NSA Security have got you covered. Our team have considerable experience in providing security solutions for the following sectors:

  • Construction / Industrial / Building Sites
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Shopping Centres & Retail Stores
  • Education Campuses
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Entertainment & Hospitality
  • Transport & Logistics

Unmatched mobility

In addition to our marked patrol vehicles, NSA Security maintain a fleet of security response buggies to ensure patrols are reliable and consistent and guarantee any issues that arise are managed as quickly and effectively as possible.

In addition to regularly checking for trespassers and relevant points of entry during our perimeter inspections, we are well-versed in making risk assessments as related to your particular property to pinpoint any problems before they happen with the use of our fleet.

Does your company need a security guard?

Although it’s easy to dismiss security guarding as an unnecessary expense, security guarding is often more about prevention than anything else – the presence of security guards can cause would-be intruders or thieves to reconsider even attempting to commit a crime, which is very much a best case scenario.
If you’re in need of superior security guarding services, NSA Security are here for you. If you’re interested in learning more about what we can provide for your particular situation, get in touch and we can answer any queries you might have related to your security needs.

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