Security Guards Melbourne

nsa security believes that a secure environment is for all, whether you are a business owner, event goer, healthcare provider or a busy shopper. The company supports this stance by providing security guard services in Melbourne with a high level of professionalism. Our focus is to train and deploy a team of specialists who can handle security challenges and detect them before they occur.

For over 25 years, our dedicated experts’ goal centres on giving clients like you an indispensable resource: peace of mind. We do this by custom-fitting our services to your unique needs.

Our Melbourne security guards work methodically to ensure that they cover every aspect of your security circumstances. From the initial consultation to assessment to actual implementation, nsa security team aims to deliver nothing but the best security service results.

Security Guard Services in Melbourne

The nsa security specialists offer a wide range of security services to clients from various industries. All of which comply with industry standards. Be it a commercial establishment, school or 5-Star Accommodation, we have a team with extensive experience to match. As one of the top private security companies, our team specialises in the following sectors:


Venues for concerts, functions, parties and festivals are very dynamic. The energetic vibe, however, often leads to unexpected behaviours, making crowd control and management crucial. With proper event security guards in place and security checks, your guests will feel at ease and have a great time. The vigilance of our special event security guards in Melbourne can surely help you start and end any public gathering successfully.

Construction & Industrial Sites

Whether during duty or after-work hours, construction sites are at high risk for security issues. These often have expensive machinery, tools and raw materials on-site that are, unfortunately, attractive to vandals and burglars. nsa security can help by sending experts on construction site security, following client specifications.

A Melbourne Security Guard from nsa security

Corporate Buildings

Experienced door staff is essential in buildings where people come and go. Having corporate security guards at your entry points and communal areas can help create a welcoming and safe environment. At the same time, they can prevent unauthorised people from entering the premises, conduct a perimeter check or assist with conflict management if needed.

Shopping Centres & Retail Stores

Malls and shopping complexes are high-traffic locations. And when lots of people convene, threats, violence, and emergencies are more likely. The nsa security guards team can then work with the management and shop owners to implement protocols for safeguarding people, property and merchandise (asset protection).

Education Campuses

Untoward incidents happen everywhere, even in schools and universities. Our friendly Melbourne security guards are then essential in ensuring peace and order within the campus grounds at all times. They can help teachers and administrators in handling student misconduct or intruders, too. In times of disasters, school guards can also assist with evacuation, rescue or first aid.

Entertainment & Hospitality

Commercial Accommodation, resorts, restaurants and amusement parks welcome different kinds of people. A team of concierge security specialists is what you need to greet and direct guests, protect VIPs, receive parcels, patrol the premises, monitor CCTVs and more. While our nsa security officers can provide flawless customer service, all our security guards are also alert and quick to mitigate threatening incidents.

Transport & Logistics

Warehousing activities and the transport of goods involve a lot of people. Unfortunately, it also makes wholesale industries prone to theft, tampering and all sorts of criminal activity. Putting our professional security services into every phase of your supply chain can help minimise disruptions to productivity.

Our Security System and Equipment

On top of having highly trained teams of security guards in Melbourne, nsa security makes sure that they also have access to proper equipment. Specifically, they utilise marked mobile security patrols and a fleet of quick-response buggies to manage security situations efficiently.

Our mobile patrol experts also couple reliable patrolling with risk assessment procedures. By being proactive when handling safety concerns, we can identify crucial security gaps and address them to minimise or eliminate risk.

Hire Security Guards in Melbourne Today

Hiring security guard services may seem like an unnecessary expense to some. However, no amount can match the thought of being able to go about your day without fear or worries. Moreover, the physical presence of top-notch security is not only to help you in times of danger. They also deter would-be intruders and thieves from even attempting to harm you.

So, if you have been searching for the best security guard companies in Melbourne VIC, put nsa security at the top of your list. Safely protecting you and your assets is our highest priority. We would be happy to answer your queries and concerns and suggest ways to help you out. Call us on 1300 135 950 and let’s start designing a security system made for you.


How many security guards do I require for my event or function?

To best determine on how many security guards are required we complete a risk assessment to ensure any potential risks are mitigated. Our expert security management team can assist you with finding the most cost effective solution without compromising safety and security.

If alcohol is available the recommended security to patron ratio is, 2 for the first 100 and 1 for every 100 after e.g 600 patrons in attendance will require 7 crowd controllers

How much does a security officer cost?

Our charge rates commence at $50 + GST per hour, per guard, on a minimum 4 hours per shift. Additional fees/rates apply on weekends, public holidays and specialised services. Speak with one our security managers on 1300 135 950 to obtain a free quotation.

It’s an emergency and I require a security officer to protect my premises immediately. Can you assist?

Absolutely, call us on 1300 135 950 to arrange an immediate response.

Can I discuss my security requirements in person?

Sure, you can make an appointment to attend our offices or we can attend a location of your choice.